By following these simple steps you will have your M4 midcaps Feed Better and Last Longer without buying replacements!

m4 midcap fix

1. Oil it

Drop of silicon oil on the follower to work inside on the track for a smoother operation.

m4 midcap fix

2. Don’t overload it.

Micaps have a limit for max load. Overloading will jam and damage the insides and require dissasembly.

m4 airsoft midcap fix tips

3. Have them upside down in your rig.

This prevents dirt and debris from getting into the top of the midcap and then your rifle. Better for faster magazine changes too!

airsoft midcap m4 tips

4. Better engagement.

Use a flat head screwdriver to bend out the catch window. More surface area to work with now. Just a few milimeters and nothing more is needed. Only works for metal magazines.

m4 airsoft mag tips

5. Don’t use Bio BBs

Bio BBs and other “chalk” BBs will lead to a build up in the magazine. Using Bio BBs will require you to clean the midcaps frequently.

m4 midcap tips and tricks

6. Don’t buy Cheap Midcaps

Bottom of the list mags will be a waste of time fixing them. You get what you pay for!

airsoft m4 midcap fix

7. Empty the midcap for storage

Empty the BBs out of the midcap magazine after the game day. Keeps the spring at top performance.

m4 airsoft midcap fix

8. Clean the MidCap Magazine

Take it apart and clean out the dust and dirt. Preventative care is important.

m4 airsoft midcap review

9 Modify the top.

Cut this section to allow for better seating and less likely to get the gearbox shell.

10. Don’t Share your Mags!

Once you do all these steps they will work perfectly and others will want or need to borrow them. Gone forever. Share these tips with them to have them make their M4 Midcaps perfect too!

Written by Brian Holt