I was able to join up with my friends that are into the 4×4 Off roading life and get some great footage. Recently watched the Alaskan Race on Discovery Channel and wanted to try and capture that same great footage and struggles the drivers and rigs go through.

Brian Holt video

With my Voodoo SRTP on my back and a beer and GoPro in hands I was able to jump along the rocks to get the great up close shots of the tires gripping onto the rocks and rolling vertically up and over. Very intense see this and it surely beats my daily traffic on the highway.

Brian Holt video

WOW! The jeeps and other rigs went on a dangerous coarse and I was able to capture it all with the 4 GoPros I brought and used. Since this was an all day drive I was able to make this experience into a PART1 and PART2 video which I will have linked below for you to watch.

Part 1 of the day.

Part 2 of the day.

Written by Brian Holt