What makes something the best? Need, Usage or Price? It all comes down to if you need and it suites your needs and budget how I see it. I am talking about the new tool I got for my pistol that is made for Glocks. I have several Glock magazines and I will really use this tool. I will use this tool more than multi tool I had in my range bag since it does the ‘multi tool’ functions and has special tools for my pistol and magazine. The price is at $55 so I can’t complain and might buy a second for a friend.

GTX glock tool

The tool I’m talking about the GTX or Glock Tool from Advance Dynamic. As you can see in the picture above it is a small compact tool that will be with you at the range and not get in the way and you will actually use it. The reason why I like this GTX is that fact it is small and gets the job done. I needed a fast way to field strip my mags for cleaning while on the field, loose dirt in the mag and aftermarket parts do not get well together. Many other Glock mag tools had a bulky grip part or punch with a brush on the other end and it seemed like a gimmick and not practical for carrying in my bag and using. This GTX gives me the option to strip my mags, use a knife blade, bottle opener, file, pliers, wire cutter, flat head screw driver and a punch pin sized for the Glock takedown and it is all in a nice little package so it is the best for me.

gtx best glock tool

The curved hook on the on the end allows you to pivot on the magazine body and in one motion press the base plate detent in and slide it off without damaging the detent. A punch could do that but it would not have the extra features like the GTX.

Advance dynamic gtx

The Advance Dynamic GTX works on all Glock magazines as you can see and makes the takedown so much easier.

I was going to make a video on the process but Advance Dynamic already has one up and it is super fast so check it out and see for yourself. If you check out the product page for the GTX you will find some more info and pictures of the tools I mentioned lets take a look at the other main tool it comes with.

glock takedown tool gtx

The punch pin is the perfect size for the pins and with a solid grip of the tool you are able to push the pins out instead of hitting them out with a punch and heavy object making this another great reason to use this GTX for yourself.

After looking at what the GTX by Advance Dynamic does it is without a doubt a needed tool for your range bag. Light weight and compact multi tool made for a Glock and other uses you really can’t go wrong and with a great price you might as well get one.


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