Airsoft Arena – Hungary, Budapest 16. district
In Central and Eastern Europe there is no other facility of this kind or size for public or even
governmental use. The several thousand square meters Airsoft Arena is specific ally designed to
challenge even the most professional Airsoft Player.
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Address: Ikarus Park. Arany János U 53. 33-as Épület (6,160.15 mi) Budapest, Hungary 1165

What is your field like and how would you best describe it for a first time player?
The Arena is located in city of Budapest and specially designed to challenge individual by using audio
visual techniques to increase the natural adrenaline and endorphin that the body release during game
play. We teach the best way to control your senses and overcome the self induced fear.
In order to be able to imitate different situations we built more different areas like bank office,
a two story house, labyrinth and we also put two cars in the field. The furnished rooms and other
everyday tools help you to get yourself into real situation. To keep the game from being boring, we
regularly change the elements as well.
Airsoft Arena – Hungary, Budapest
Do you have rentals for my friends and upgrade parts for my own equipment?
Increases the experience we have several type of rentals so everyone has the opportunity to try
more during games. As for our services, we realized that there is a huge need to ensure repair service
as well, so we have expanded the range of services from weapons repair as well as sales, because
many airsoft gamer would like to replace their weapon with another one.
Airsoft Arena – Hungary, Budapest

Do you have different game modes to keep players coming back every weekend?
We offer both commando training and airsoft games for teams. There are several advantages if our
visitors choose a training because we show you how a Commando unit works as a team. We offer
techniques to induce the psychological state of fight or flight and then teach you to understand
stress, and control yourself to achieve the task in hand. These special skills and mindsets will
translate to every day life. During the program, players learn how can they cleaning a room, or how
can rescue a hostage or defend a VIP. Of course choosing the training is not obligatory, there are a
lot of people who would like just play on the field. We offer for them different play scenarios from
team death mach to bomb deactivation. Players / Teams can choose either we provide the
exclusive usage of the Arena.
Airsoft Arena – Hungary, Budapest
How can I get better and be a part of a team?
Next to all these, Arena also have self – organized special training and games as well. We offer
training modules for those people, who want to develop their knowledge. Our modular training has three
level from beginner to advanced, each module is built on one another. The participants learn
weapons handling, troop movements from skilled trainers. Our trainers and MC-s comes from the
Hungarian army and police. Besides we have three weekly rate offer on Thursday, Friday and
Sunday. These are opened games which means, everybody can apply for it.
We are very proud that we have guests from England, French, Germany and Netherland. (The most
of this group come from us for a special stag game)
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