Everyone needs more ammo on the field! This is where the Tmberwolf Airsoft Hicap comes into play. There is already the 50 round stick mags that are bulky and do not fit in pouches.
This standard size hicap magazine does and holds the same 50 rounds!

airsoft glock hicap mag

This pistol magazine will work with the Echo1 Timberwolf along with the WE-Tech Glock series and the Tokyo Marui gas blow back pistols. Who doesn’t want more ammo and less weight and bulkiness to slow them down on the field or the high intensity CQB fields?

50 rounds in a small compact mag and a price around 50 bucks is to good to be true!
Share this great news with your friends since you need them to watch your back on the field.

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Learn more about this awesome Glock or Timberwolf Hicap gas magazine in this video.

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Written by Brian Holt