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Airsoft Glocks for sale in 2017?

Big news from Umarex/Elite Force about their new license agreement with the firearm company Glock. There will be a legal “bb/pellet version” and an Airsoft version released soon by one of the biggest suppliers of Airsoft goods to the USA.
What does this mean to Airsoft players?
There will be more options for the Glock pistol in Airsoft stores across the USA. In the past and currently Airsoft Glock pistols were smuggled in from China, Taiwan and Japan as un-licensed copies.

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There is now going to be Airsoft Glocks in every store and holster in the near future but what about the recent Cybergun news and their Glock license?

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So far the Cybergun Glock will be sold only in France but some will sneak out. The Umarex/Elite Force name and brand is loved by many more and will be the main choice for all the players worldwide. Cybergun will probably pull their lawsuit BS game like usual and try to sue Umarex for having a Glock model to cash in when their model is not even released yet.
This comes down to Glock firearms setting up agreements to cash in on BOTH highest bidders.
The fine print is not released but seeing both how both companies are fighting for the number one spot in the Airsoft world and both are known for suing the competition to make way for themselves it will be an interesting year for the Airsofters, almost “glock blocked” in some sense. My money is on the Umerax Glock to be released first and loved by all and the Cybergun comes out later due to OEM issues and forgotten and then results in lawsuit for trade dress and other legal mumble jumbo…
Below is the “Press Release” teaser video:

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Written by Brian Holt