The big question for Airsoft Players are; Where do I buy Airsoft Glocks? How much are the Airsoft Glocks, Which Airsoft Glocks are the best and Why are the Airsoft Glocks so hard to find?

Airsoft glock g19 gbb pistol

-Why are the Airsoft Glocks so hard to find in the USA?

Well, the firearm company Glock has decided not to allow any Airsoft versions to be licenced or released with their permission onto the market. This means the US customs agents will confiscate the Airsoft Glock or G Series pistols at the port. But we have seen them at the local fields and stores to this day, how can that be?
Long ago there was a large influx of Airsoft Glocks from KWA, KSC, Tokyo Marui and WE-Tech flooding into the USA until Glock shut them down with several lawsuits but as Airsoft goes and the “black market” there are still the companies making and selling the pistols since the demand is still there.

Airsoft Extreme Store Glock

Searching online will give you little to no results but this research blog will help you and your friends out. Some of the stores such as Airsoft Extreme will still sell the WE G17 or G19 series pistols but as a ‘half model’ where you buy the grip and slide separate and seconds later the parts go together to make a working airsoft pistol. Another store is known for the second and recent lawsuit from Glock is Airsplat and during that time they were pushing heavily the WE G17 and WE G Series Custom pistols since nobody else was importing them.

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cybergun airsoft glock pistol
Cybergun has bought the license to make a Glock Airsoft pistol(green gas or CO2)and will be released soon. Read more here: Cybergun Airsoft Glock (legal version)
Along with Cybergun releasing an Airsoft Glock in France bigger news was released by Umarex/Elite Force about their rights for the Glock which will be world wide and the USA unlike the Cybergun option.
airsoft glock for sale
The Umarex Airsoft Glock will be publicly displayed in a few weeks at and the annual AirsoftCON, read more about it here: Umarex/Elite Force Airosft Glock Pistol

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-Hard to search online?

Yes is it hard to search online and find an Airsoft Glock since all the major airsoft stores are using a shady strategy with their meta tagging to hook you and having you click onto their site. Their website or landing page will not have any Glocks but maybe a loading nozzle or magazine or just their pistol selection to make you shop for something else.

airsoft glocks for sale

-Buy from these sites

You can easily find these websites listing the Glock pistols wth pictures and all the parts you will need. AirsoftGlobal for the WE-Tech G17 G19 and many other pistols along with Uncompany for the KSC Glock pistols. Now the tricky part is to get them to ship from China or Asia to your doorstep without being taken by the US Customs Agents. This is where the stores mentioned above do the hard work and import for you and sell on the down low.

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-Other Airsoft Pistols like a Glock?

lonewolf pistol
Yes, there are several other Airsoft Gas Blow Back pistols that will serve the same purpose as the Glock for “training” or “fun” and can be easily found at most stores without the red tape. The Echo1 Timberwolf is based off the real Lone Wolf pistol design and uses legal licensing to produce an Airsoft pistol.

kwa atp pistol

The KWA ATP is another great example of a pistol that fits that need while being easy to find and there is the semi and full auto options just like a G18 pistol. These pistols will be the closest to the Glocks without having import issues, There are some new pistols that are hybrids of the pistols to have that blocky shape which is trademarked. Check out the ICS BLE and the APS ACP series.

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gtx glock tool

-Google search for “Airsoft Glocks” “G17” or “WE G17”?

Using Google to search for what you need is fast and easy but you will not be able to find any complete pistols in the USA and only the parts and magazines. Why would the stores be stocking the entire line up of the illegal pistol magazines if they cannot sell the pistol? Are they selling them offline and under the counter? Even searching the WEairsoft website to find their popular G17 pistols will turn up no pistols even though they are outside the USA and in the grey zone for the law when it comes to this.

Finding the Airsoft Glocks seem to be tricky and only easy for the players in the California scene leaving the others on the East Coast to hope and wish for the pistols. But does the had work of searching and finding these Glocks justify the time and money you spent when you could have bought another pistol with performs exactly the same?

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Airsoft glock pistol

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cited pictures: G19, double G19, Timberwolf pistols, KWA ATP

Written by Brian Holt