In the market for a customized rifle or pistol and want to hold the rifle in your hands before you buy it? Well make sure you check out Airsoft Master in SoCal to get what you need.  The store has been open for over two and has been busy making happy customers.

madbul airsoft master

Airsoft Master is able to create the elegant rifles you dream about but do not think are possible. Being a big fan of MadBull Airsoft products for the high end quality and affordable cost the place has you covered in making your rifle. I was only here on Sunday but on Saturday he had several “race” and “combat” pistols on display but you can find them on the facebook page or just stop on by the store.

custom airsoft rifles

Just a small teaser of what can be made at Airsoft Master’s store. Go there and bring a bib for your drool 😉 The store sells the regular rifles as well and the rifles either being the standard or customized versions have a warranty to give you that peace of mind and being able to focus on the gameplay on the field.

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