Most airsoft players in the community support one or two large online retail stores because they offer slightly lower prices that smaller walk in stores and pro shops. The sad truth about these retail titans is they are dishonest and disconcerted with the success of the industry or the evolution of airsoft. The truly sad thing about it is most players don’t care they are just looking to save a few bucks. Airsofters fail to see without local stores airsoft won’t grow and the likelihood of getting new local fields are slim.

I have been involved with airsoft for over 10 years supported retailers big and small with a preference to small retailers. Small retailers are honest they don’t need some youtube “star” telling me each product they touch is amazing and a must buy. In addition to customer honesty small stores honor minimum advertized price (MAP) set by the manufactures. It’s almost as if these online retail stores shake down the manufactures with threats of not carrying their products so they can cheat the market and sell under MAP. In a game driven by honesty and integrity it’s disgusting to see the example these online retailers set.

So go out and support a local store, give the little guy a chance vs the airsoft behemoths. Don’t be a Timmy and and just hold the guns in store and then go home and order them online with mom’s credit card. Shop how you play with some integrity and class. Help educate the community of the dangers of supporting large online retail.