Rocket Launchers in Airsoft are the best becuase it is big and does stuff right? Well most of the launchers are the 40mm M203s and they fire handfulls of BBs or jammed with a nerf round, that is cool but not Milsim West cool.
A few shots of the Carl Gustav used at the recent Milsim West game by Jet the Desert Fox and Ranger Mayhem. Now what makes this rocket launcher better than the other units is the rarity and cool facter since it is not a nerf shooting M203 underslung unit on a M4.

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Seeing this on the field will make the players feel more imersed into the experience and love the game that much more. Now that this Airsoft Gustav Rocket Launcher actually fires a rocket(safe round) it is able to take out vehicles and buildings duringthe games instead of showering BBs at the target which has no range.

airsoft carl gustav rocket launcher
Here is a great shot of the rocket in mid flight in the game. Now a while back there was talk abut Tokyo Marui releasing a Carl Gustav “gas” rocket launcher and shooting out 1,200 bbs. That would be good for a collector but not in the field for use.
airsoft rocket launcher
As for the Carl Gustav used by Jet and Ranger there will be a video released shortly as mentioned by Jet and that will be shared and added to this blog as well to keep people in the loop.

Written by Brian Holt