Which platform for the Airsoft Sniper Rifle is the best to choose and why? That is the age old question in the world of Airsoft and brought up on every topic. Airsoft GI has done a video shooting and comparing the three platforms for the Airsoft Players to see and make the decision themselves.
First up the rifles will be used in the video will be using the same barrels and FPS to take that stuff out of the equation and the video will compare the rifles and how they perform.
Electric, Gas and Spring rifles are used at a 200 foot target which is common for the Airsoft field. Shooting from a fixed position they saw some interesting results and the video will be linked below.
airsoft sniper rifle test
Watching the BB’s fly down range and some missing it was apparent that the Gas rifle was not as accurate as the Electric rifle. The reason for this is the gas propellant has a cool down effect and it will alter the power and fps of the BB while the Electric rifle will be much more consistent. The gas rifle has a cool or neat factor with the bolt action while the electric is just pulling the trigger.
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Now on to the Spring rifle to see the results. The Spring rifle had the most consistent groupings out of all the rifle but it had a slower reload and rate of fire. With a solid grouping and power output the Spring rifle won for hitting the target but it has a harder bolt to pull back and it cannot do a follow up shot like the Gas or Electric platforms. Check out the video below to see more.

What are your thoughts on the rifle outcome and will it help you decide your next purchase to get into the sniper role on the field? Another recent video from Airsoft GI covered was Airsoft Sniper Rifles do they suck? In the two part video Airsoft GI covered the role of the Airsoft Sniper in reality and what really happens on the field. The statement caused a lot of people to get upset and voice their opinion and correct Airsoft GI even though it was their opinion based of years of experience.
sniper rifles suck
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Written by Brian Holt