Special guests this year include Demolition Ranch, Novritsch, Jet Desert Fox, Node, Airsoftology, House Gamers, Robo Murray, Airsoft

Every year is hosting an international airsoft event to bring the brands and players together. At first it started out as a swap meet but the goal was to bring the Airsoft Community together and now in 2018 the event is the talk of the town. Looking back at the community and how has been pushing to bring everyone together “The future of Airsoft, Good or Bad?” it is clear they want to o the best and win and there is nothing wrong with that.
This year is having the largest turnout of industry names from the field and youtube to give the players a chance to meet and greet them face to face! Last year was the first to release the Glock and let the fans see that; AirsoftCON and the Glock – First Look. This year it seems to be all about the players and their inspiration. First person that comes to most players minds is Novritsch along with The Desert Fox and many others.
As of lately Novritsch has inspired the Airsoft Sniper scene to explode ina good and bad way but in the long run it has got more players onto the field worldwide and that is amazing act right there.
What are excited to see at the AirsoftCON of 2018 this year?

Written by Brian Holt