As we mentioned the new Airsoft Glock that is being released by Umarex will take over and win the market for sure. The Cybergun option will be available in France for LEO but will find it’s way to the regular players here and there. The Umarex/Elite Force Airsoft Glock will definately take over since they are pushing hard with the social medias and having it ready for the masses at the annual event at Evike. The AirsoftCON is the biggest event in the USA and nothing comes close. This is a way to have all eyes on Evike and the new Airsoft Glock which is soon to be released.
airsoft glock for sale
Now that there is a date in which Airsofters can hold and see the first legal Airsoft Glock in 2017 the question is still being asked.
Who is making the pistol?
Airsofters do not care of the quality but only the name and want it to be extra cheap. As long as it works and there is a warranty to keep it running that is what is needed but most do not grasp that concept and just rage online. Diles46 addressed this and pointed everything out to calm the “keyboard commandoes” down.
airsoft glock for sale
So long story short Umarex is sorting through the various “Airsoft Glock” makers to find the best one to put their name on it and release to the masses, that is the best way to do it but some are upset and that makes no sense. Now the question that comes up is.
What pistol will be the “stand in” at the AirsoftCON to demo the pistol or will it be in a locked glass case? We will see but this is being the first to the market and masses and the others will be psuhed away doe to hardships for shipping or lawyer fees. Now the smuggled Airsoft Glocks will be gone wihtin a year or so and that will pave the way for the empty holsters for the new Glocks from Umarex.

Caption from the video:
I love GLOCK. You love GLOCK. Now we can all love GLOCK Airsoft together! Umarex/Elite Force has locekd down the license for GLOCK airosft replicas and that is awesome!!! Stay tuned for more updates on the now, legally licensed AIRSOFT GLOCK”

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Written by Brian Holt