The AirsoftGI booth was full of their personal rifles since they were playing on the field. I was able to get some info their latest products.


One of their field rifles was built off the Echo1 Platinum M16 and they had some more.


There was a G4 rifle, E&L contractor AK 74 and a custom built Madbull rifle. If you guys are looking for a custom rifle make sure you check out AirsoftGI and they can build what ever you need. They have been in the airsoft tech game for the longest time.

The deadliest and coolest animal patch.


This patch is cool and I have one now. It is a crazy hippo and there is nothing more to say.

asgi-pouchThis mag pouch can be fund on their sight an it will hold the P90 mags and the UMP mags which is great since most players say there are no mag pouch options for the Echo1 AR57 and other long mag guns.

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