The main guys from Airsplat were at the event and showing off some of their new products. On the table was the sample of an Ares M4 with the new burst feature and the Airsplat logo on the other side.


They have been using this at several events to make sure it good enough to have their name on it. The rifle is an Ares base so you get the new burst option and the quick spring change function too. The rifle is all metal and light weight and has that solid feeling when I was holding it.

Meal ready to eat

Got those mid day hunger pains in your belly? Airsplat is building custom made MRE’s with several options. I do a lot of hiking  and these caught my eye. I might have to test these out. Testing the MRE’s would be a tough job but somebody has to do it. We have been working with Airsplat for video reviews like the GHK models they carry. If you are looking to get into the gas blow back rifles you should check out the reviews we have done on the GHK G5 and the GHK AK105, great rifles and ready for you at Airsplat.

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