As technology advances in the Airsoft world the AEG is still the crowd favorite since they offer the most customization routes for each player. The counter argument would be the HPA way but it is just a “drop in” mod and no skill for the performance.
kratos airsoft piston evike
The latest piston to arrive to the shops is the “Kratos” Ultra High Strength piston from Angel Custom in a collaborative effort from the Techs at and Umbrella Armory. There have been many pistons on the market that are good but for only certain limitations. The goal for the Kratos is to make the best piston for any rifle and any setup.
kratos airsoft piston
The Kratos Piston looks the same as other pistons that come and go with the hype train in Airsoft like the SHS a few years ago. The main piston that still stands the test of time would be the pistons from Prometheus, Modify Ultra Piston and the Super Core piston of course. Solid tooth rack and polymer first tooth at adapt to any AoE.
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The Kratos piston following the trend of AoE and a full metal tooth rack that still has an open slot backing and needs to be glued before use.
Is the Kratos Piston the Best?
Yes it is the best if used correctly.

Specs of the Kratos Piston

Dupont Super Nylon + SAE Steel + TiN Coating construction
Hardened CNC SAE Steel Full Teeth w/ TiN (Titanium Nitride) coating
48 degree WEDM cut teeth
High impact resistance, improved toughness/durability
Specifically designed for high cycling custom builds

Purchase from Evike.comAngel Custom “KRATOS” Ultra High Strength / High Performance Steel Teeth AEG Piston

Written by Brian Holt