AW Custom™ is proud to announce that we are going to step into the field of Air Guns. Our leading-edge Air Gun system is going to deliver both realistically-robust recoil action and addicting shooting experience with maximum velocity. AW Custom™ Air Gun Series is going to be an innovation on the market.

“Empowering Velocity” is our slogan and yet our purpose under AW Custom™ Air Gun Series. Make sure to take a look at our Introduction Video to learn more about our HX Series!
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Our Own System

AW Custom™ Air Gun Series is featuring one of the most innovative Air Gun system ever. The system distributes the gas into a perfect proportion for cycling the recoil action while maximizing the muzzle energy as much as possible.
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Robust Recoil Action

Maintaining realism is one of our aims for AW Custom™ Air Gun Series. WIth the full travel blowback action, while shooting the pistol and the interchangeable magazine with CO2 cartridge stored inside, our Air Gun Series is surely one of most realistic one in the market.
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Realistic Magazine Mechanism

Each of the magazines will hold 20 6mm BB’s for an extended amount of shooting. Interchangeable parts to increase usage and decrease total cost of long-term replacement.
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Variety of Replacement Parts

Most of the AW Custom™ Air Gun Series’s external parts are compatible with the Airsoft Series. Whatever you want to replace the parts on your pistols or you want to change the colours of your pistol, AW Custom™ will definitely fulfill your needs!

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The AW Custom HX pistol series will be the first choice for the serious Airsoft player. Find them at your local Airsoft store or online website. To learn more visit: