Growing up in Riverside, California I discovered that I was able to fully express myself through art. My name is Diane and Calligraphy is my game!
Through drawing and writing or coloring – it turned out to be my therapy and the only thing that helped with my anxiety and depression and kept me busy.
I love making things for people because it just means so much more than something bought and also the fact of me growing up with not having much, I couldn’t buy people things but I could make them things.
Time and energy is something you can never get back; but money will always come and go, that’s why it just means so much more. The effort that is put in, the thought of what the person likes. Its to brighten someone’s day, its to make them feel special that you remember those little things they tell you about themselves that other people may not remember.
I consider myself and elephant because I never forget anything, people will forget what you said but will never forget how you made them feel. And my goal in life is to always leave people better than I found them – so a personalized gift no matter how big or small can make someone smile and their day just a little better -that’s the goal!

Calligraphy is a writing style and everyone has their own different swing on things on how they like to write

I currently have been helping my friends out with things they need written such as: birthday party invitations, bridal shower and wedding (save the date) invitations , chalkboard signs for their business, dessert tables – literally anything that needs to be written any material – I’m pretty sure I can do it.
If you know anyone that is getting into this or needs work done – send them this blog and spread the word.
More pictures posted on my BAWS Strokes social media accounts, listed below!

I will gladly help you with any occasion and anything you need to get done.

You can message me on my Facebook BAWS strokes / Instagram @bawsstrokes / Etsy BAWSStrokes