Treat yourself, that was my goal today for my birthday. I have always been a huge fan of sushi from the art to create and the presentation. In my cooking experiences, I have made “sushi” but I decided to leave it to the professionals and now I am here sitting at the bar watching the master work.
Surprise me and make your favorite to get started.
salmon belly
Sake Toro, not on the menu just yet but is the chief’s special. Salmon Belly with lemon garnish to get started. Using the torch to flame kiss the salmon and then the lemon juice from the almost transparent slice makes for a great texture and flavor. Reminding me of my recent trip to Mexico and the seafood tapas. Being that this was salmon belly it was richer and softer like pork belly, perfect.
banzai sushi riverside roll
Riverside Roll, is a local favorite so I had to try it and see why. You had me at Unagi but the rest of the ingredients looked great too! This Riverside Roll has crispy unagi(eel), spicy tuna, crab salad and avocado inside. Topped with salmon, white tuna, massago, green onion, tempura flakes and of course the special sauces. This roll was great now I know why it is loved by the locals, everything I like in a roll. Ready for more? Yeah, I’m ready to get wrecked by some sushi, he knew what I was talking about!
banzai sushi wreck roll
Wreck Yourself, is the last roll on the menu and seems to be hidden but I’m ready for it! Again more Unagi in this roll making my so happy. The Wreck Yourself roll will have shrimp tempura inside for that wonderful crunch along with crab salad and avocado for a balanced center. The roll will be topped withchoped unagi and seared tuna, green onions, seame seeds and the special spicy sauce! This roll was more like a freight train of flavor and portions and could wreck the average person but I was taking my time to enjoy this and it was so rewarding to me and some how better than the first roll if that is possible.
unagi eel sushi
Getting dessert like Mochi icecream? Nope I will pass on that and have the Unagi(BBQ Eel) as my dessert! If you haven’t noticed I am a huge fan of the Unagi for the taste and the suace used in other dishes and this is a great way to end the meal here at Banzai Sushi.
If you are in the area you should stop by and see for yourself what Banzai Sushi is like!
6409 Riverside Blvd, Sacramento, California, CA 95831 – Yelp – (916) 421-4055

Written by Brian Holt