Theta Events-Battlefield Tazewell: Battle of the Clinch 5   Nov 8-10
This is the 5th game in the Battle of the Clinch series. Theta Events puts on a game in Southwest VA near the Clinch River hence the name Clinch. In a fictional setting in the groups event world. Theta puts games on from beginner Mil-sim to what we call Insurgency-Sim. Most games focus on the Main Forces of the game going against an Opfor bent of not letting the player complete tasks. While players have to worry about resources such as ammunition, time, and rotation to not lose what they have fought so hard to obtain.
All of the previous Clinch games have been at a location Chinch 5 is using again plus some new AOs. Trying to give the player a different game type at each location each AO is vastly different and has something for everyone from the Small tight rooms and corridors of the Car Lot to the open sniper’s paradise of the Park and Lake. The four and possibly more AOs will hopefully challenge each and every player but also will have segments that will make a player feel at home in the type of play they like best.
Theta also uses a unique medic system that they call “Wounded-Death System”; when a player is hit they go into “wounded mode”, they can do everything they did when alive except stand or shoot if they choose but it makes them a target to be shot again. A Player can choose not to do this and just be “death mode”, this system when players use it have found ways to stay in the fight and have a more realistic fights thanks to wounded players still being valuable assets that protecting them is important.
AO Information
Car Lot AO – New AO was a 4 building Car Lot has close to 60 rooms with paint bays, Office, Parts rooms and more.
Theta Events Airsoft
Theta Events Airsoft
Lake/Park AO – Around the Lake is over a mile long, allowing non-gas motors boats and transports on the trails. The Park is about 20 acres of Softball fields, Shelters, and a playground called the Castle.
Theta Events Airsoft
Theta Events Airsoft
Camp Pocy AO – 30 acres of scouting and recon with cabins and a few buildings with landmarks. One road in and out but a player favorite of Theta Event games.
Theta Events Airsoft
Fairgrounds AO – 20 acres with building for Players to stay and setup. With a large arena and barns to play in and out.
Theta Events Airsoft
Theta Events have been putting games on in VA, WV, TN, NC since 2007 at Local fields and Real world Locations. These sites we are using are active and with the help of the Tazewell County Board of Supervisors, Town of Tazewell Town Counsel, Tazewell PD, Tazewell Sheriff’s Office and Transportation. We hope to present a game beginners and hardcore vets will enjoy. Controlling the Town of Tazewell for a weekend.

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Battlefield Tazewell: Battle of the Clinch 5(Multi-AO Milsim)
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Written by Drennon Laney of Theta Events