The Rebel forces led by Bob the Axe Man have called on Tang and Brian from JAG Precision / Echo1USA to join his side and fight for freedom. We accepted his call and being that the front lines were pushed back to Texas to a recent fall in Virgina we had to go big and push them back. Everything is bigger in Texas and that means the big guns like the Rifle Dynamics HMG to lay waste to the weak Imperial scum.
BB Wars


Tang and Brian did a loadout video with Bob to make sure they are ready for the fight. Check it out here.

You can never have enough guns in a fire fight. Brian is fullfilling the role of the SAW gunner and bringing more than enough! Check out the video below!

The battle field is ready and the time is now to fight for freedom. The Rebel forces are led into battle with Bob the Axe man in front to rally the troops. The Rebels must keep the Imperial transport from leaving the area. Brian and Tang are able to go along the sides of the fight and flank and destroy the Imperial flanking squads with hot bb death while the main Rebel force is in the city kicking in doors and leaving body bags.
Watch the video here:

The Rebels were able to stop the transport trucks cold and capture needed Intel to find out there are 2 HVT’s in the city. A Spy and Scientist that are helping Daniel the Imperial leader. The Rebels are sent into the city to collect the HVT’s and kill Daniel if given the chance. The battle in the city is more intense and enemy fire is coming from all sides. The Rifle Dynamics returns the call of the little M4 pew pew with a roar and eliminates the resistance with ease. Here is the part two video in the city:

The Imperial flag is captured from the base the Rebels run the scared Imperial dogs out of the town or left them dead in the street. Don’t mess with Texas, we have guns and know how to use them.

Written by Brian Holt