BOLT Airsoft was present at the game and showing off the new rifles and letting people check them out. The rifles feature an electric recoil system to give you more kick than a GBBR and with the standardized parts of an AEG!

bolt airsoft

Back in the day there was the Hurricane SR47 which was expensive and hard to make it actually work. The BR47 is the perfect mix of the M4 and the ammo capacity of the AK47 mags. The body is solid and there is no wiggle when I checked. Now you have more ammo on the field and completing that contractor look or just being different on the field.

bolt airsoft piston

The main gearbox parts for the BOLT Rifle series are super beefy and the parts are available for replacement and upgrades of your other rifles. The piston is an aluminum body that is ported and using a full heat treated steel tooth rack. This is needed to match with the re inforced steel gears to be able to cycle around 20+ bps and knock back the recoil system for the added realism.

bolt airsoft

Also at the BOLT Airsoft booth was a demo model of the new Thundertac, Inc. rifle. This rifle is using the new keymod hand guard and a sweet comp that got my attention and this rifle will  turn heads on the field when it is release. Unsure when that will be but it looks great!

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