What makes somebody an Airsoft Tech?

An Airsoft Tech is somebody that plays Airsoft and can take apart their rifle and perform work on it as in a repair or upgrade. Does this make them the “best” or “great” NO. Years of experience will give them that title when others take note of their skills.

Once you say you are the “BEST” you already stop learning and you fail at your trade.

I want to help people take apart their Airsoft rifles and learn how to do it themselves and by doing this they will be more confident in themselves and know what they are buying after they watch my videos knowing what is inside the rifle they may buy soon.

I have a long list of videos on the Echo1 Tech Support channel which is just “Echo1USA” related videos but I needed to help out the Airsoft Community more by doing other brands since those companies are not helping their customers. I started my GearBox Works Playlist.

Brian Holt Airsoft tech

In this new playlist I will be the helpful Airsoft Tech showing you the viewer how to work on the G&G M4 or the APS M4 which are very different and show you how to take them apart and put them back together as well.

Brian Holt Airsoft Tech

Some of the marketing hype like the Krytac “quick change system” will be shown and how it is not quick when compared to other rifles on the market. This will be a learning experience for the viewers with facts to better understand what they are investing their hard earned money into.

Brian Holt Airsoft Tech

Some of the more tricky and hard to work on guns like the VFC SCAR and the PHX15 that have ambi selectors will be covered to show you how to remove the selectors to get to the gearbox and then how to install the parts with explanation of how and why they are installed that way.

With this Gearbox Works Playlist I am able to work on much more to help out ALL Airsofters that may have questions so if you want to see a gun taken apart to help you out please make sure you are subscribed to the Team BLACKSHEEP762 channel and comment on the videos when I ask about next topics. I will do my best as an Airsoft Tech to help you out.

Written by Brian Holt