coffee pot ramen
Out on a business trip and ended up in Reno, Nevada at a Ramada Hotel. On paper it looked good but in the room not so good. As a foodie I realized there was no microwave or fridge in the room! I had to make due for the late night snacks and this is what I came up with.
Check out my Yelp review of the place if you like.
Reasoning behind it is the coffee pot makes hot water and I need hot water for noodles so… it should work out.
making hotel ramen noodles
First off the square noodle brink would not fit inside the round container so after 20 minutes of looking on Google.. just kidding. Break up the noodles and sprinkle on the seasoning.
brian holt foodie blog
Add the water like you would for a regular process to brew coffee. Press the start button and sit back and watch the magic happen!
hotel coffee pot noodles
The water is not boiling but it seems to be getting the job job from what I can see. Kind of cool to see it work in the glass container.
coffee pot ramen guide
Letting the noodles sit a little longer to soak up and they look just about done now!
That was a first and easy to do in a pinch and I will keep this in mind if I have another situation like this.
hotel noodle hack
Yes I brought my own chopsticks in my luggage, easy to use and come in handle; trust me!
Eating noodles in the room while watching TV was common thing for me but this way was different for sure. The handle on the side kept me from getting burnt so that is good.
Basic rating scale.
Feed me? Yes
Easy to do? Yes
Complete set? No, need utensils for this to work in hotel like this.

Written by Brian Holt