This 2 part video series is a long but important video series to cover all the crucial parts of the VFC SCAR-L inside and out. Find these videos and many more on the Gearbox Works Playlist.

The VFC SCAR-L does have a ambidextrous charging handle that can be switched to either side and a complete bolt catch and release which is covered in the first video.

The electrical system of the VFC SCAR series is new and different than the other M4’s and AEG’s out on the market and you will need to make sure it is good condition to keep it working. The video above or Part 1 will show how to take apart the entire rifle and the little tricks about it including the ambi selectors which most people have trouble with.

In case you don’t want to watch the video showing all the steps to get the gearbox and selectors removed you can just skip to this short video with a top down view for the VFC SCAR Ambi selector removal and then the installation of the switches to make it easy to do yourself.

Written by Brian Holt