After spending the day at Horseshoe Bend, we drove back to Sedona and stopped by the Cowboys Club for a couple of drinks and appetizers! To skip the long wait ahead of us, we found seats at the bar right away and they served us.

cowboy club sedona

I ordered the Old Fashioned and Brian ordered the Texas Mule, which is Tito’s Handmade Vodka. The drinks were were great, not watered down and not too sweet as some places make them!

cowboy club cactus

fried cactus food

We ordered dished we never tried before, though there were so many others we wished we could have tried, but we started off with cactus fries with a prickly pear dipping sauce! The texture of the cactus was soft and the taste of it was a slightly sour! The prickly pear sauce complimented the cactus fries very well, it was sweet and sour!

rattlesnake cakes

We also wanted to try the rattlesnake cakes with grilled cactus “pad”. This was also a top pick as customer’s favorite as advised by the bartender that night! The rattlesnake cakes were moist and delicious, and with a dip in their Arizona honey barbecue sauce, it was tangy goodness. The grilled cactus were a great compliment to this dish! Anything grilled can do no wrong in my book.

cowboy club sedona az

After I was done with my Old Fashioned, I ordered their Cowboys Club Amber Ale on draft. It was light and refreshing.

cowboy club ale

This was a great place that we stopped at and we would recommend you to stop on by! Continue on to the other blogs about our time in Sedona, AZ click on the link below!

Adventure time in Sedona, AZ (hiking and foodie trip)



Written by Christina Chen