Making a ‘custom’ pistol is common phrase but never really truly custom when you look at this pistol. This is a can crushing, noob shooting, Monster Pistol that I have built and really customized to make it my own.

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The pistol started as the base WE-Tech Hicapa which uses a metal frame and slide. I was able to buy this pistol when they first came out in the early 2000’s and kept it ever since. During this time the ‘pistol combat’ scene was very popular for the CQB fields and the main choices were the Western Arms, Tokyo Marui and the WE-Tech for the best options.

Monster Airsoft pistol

To make my Monster Pistol more bad ass I had to make it look the part. I installed the Nine Ball Strike Face which required me to drill and thread the metal frame to accept the new parts. A few years later this would be seen as a standard pistol option from Airsoft Elite the only importer of WE at the time and as their vendor I shared my custom build with them to spark the idea.

Monster Airsoft pistol

With the Nine Ball Strike Face it made the pistol look clean and aggressive. The strike face was an aluminum matte silver finish which does not quite match the once black pistol that was polished to “chrome”. The WE-Tech pistol is constructed out of pot metal and not the best material but it still gets the job done.

Monster Airsoft pistol

At the time I was a heavy Monster Energy drinker to get me through school and this was a perfect fit to join the two things I like the most; Airsoft and Monster Energy Drinks! I was able to carve into the polymer grip to make the claw design of the Monster logo that was deep and then filled with the neon green paint. The rest of the grip was then roughed up and then smoothed out to resemble the water droplets on the can from condensation.

Brian Holt airsoft blog

The white text of the Monster brand was cut from a spent can and placed into the grip as an inlay to finish the grip and clearly let you know what this Airsoft pistol is all about. The chrome magwell was added for a little extra bling for the pistol.

Brian Holt Airsoft blog

Performance of my custom Monster Pistol? I kept it all stock on the inside and I followed my motto of “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” with this being said the pistol just was polished on the guide rails to smooth out the operation o the slide and increase performance. Using the stock parts and Red Gas, which was readily available at the time the pistol, ran like a champ.
This pistol and the rest of mine I have collected and built over the years all have a special place in my Airsoft Life. I hope you like what I have made. If you are a fan of SpongeBob you should check out my custom SpongeBob Airsoft pistol!

Written by Brian Holt