Finally, there is a “legal” airsoft Glock option on the market for the players to use. Looking back it is funny how firearm company Glock sued KWA/KSC for their Glock replicas long ago before most players hit the seen but that was long ago in the early 2000’s. Now Glock is working with Cybergun which is known for suing other companies to make money but yet doesn’t make any rifles or pistols. A perfect match for the Airsoft Community.

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Now this means that all the other stores that are selling the WE, KSC, TM, Stark, Army, and many others will be sued since it is easier to sue the small stores and not go after the company or manufacturer that is creating the Glock pistols which they have bee doing long before this new contract, back ass wards but won with money and Cybergun has it. Let’s take a look at what they are bringing to the market to make the Airsoft Community better.
Posted on the Cybergun Facebook pageCybergun Facebook page

To our non French fans, we had the pleasure to announce today that we are now able to distribute Glock replicas on the French market (sorry 😔).

The first model that we will distribute is the GLOCK G17 Inokatsu. It is an adaptation of the training version we made for the military and law enforcement.

It took us a whole year of development, starting from scratch, and several tests with various police units to finalize it. Here are some of its key features:
– new internals
– 100% identical frame
– aluminum CNC slide for better durability and realism
– new nozzle and pump housing for stronger recoil and maximum regularity
– one piece steel spring guide and steel hammerset, again for better durability
– shipped with CO2 mag but works with a gas mag without modification required

Its conception followed strict technical specifications and its production process was particularly demanding. All of this prompted us to classify it under the Inokatsu brand, a sign of quality and fidelity in the airsoft world.


Cool, but this new Glock is only availalbe for the French players until they surrender them to the other countries! They will find their way out to the UK and USA in no time so no worries. Looking on the Inokatsu facebook page there is no mention of this world wide news release or anything really. On a side note due to their “classify it under Inokatsu brand” line I am pretty sure Cybergun bought them out long ago, but I will have to search more on that matter. There are some cool new pictures of the pistol they posted as well with limited information, enjoy!
airsoft glock pistol for sale
airsoft glock pistol for sale
cybergun airsoft glock pistol
Ok so this is sorta cool, lasered markings inside the slide but the nozzle that is “new” looks the same as the other TM or WE nozzles so that means the hop up and barrel must be the standard so that is good news!

Airsoft glock for sale
Now this is cool to see the serial number on each pistol to make them easy to find if stolen on the field which happens all the time or as bragging rights if you get a low number. Now the other pictures added in the Facebook post by Cybergun is some Glock swag and must be included with purchase of their new Airsoft Glock or the intern which knows nothing about Glock just googled “glock” and added some stuff which I can see happening. If it came with the hard case which is laughed at by shooters but loved by Airsofters that will be great. The hard case will definately be a step above the traditional cardboard box all Airsoft pistols come in, except a few Tokyo Marui pistols.
airsoft glock pistol case free
free glock airsoft swag
So if the box of swag is included that is really cool and that will add the value for sure but we will find out. Now a shirt is added into the mix and not thought out since there will be 3 sizes needed for a store to have in stock and it will make it a headache but more power to them!
free glock shirt
So that will be a lot of stuff with the Cybergun Airsoft Glock and that will destroy the other brands already out there once they are sued or smuggled like already into US stores.. Learn more on the related blog below.

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Written by Brian Holt