The Ice House Canyon trail is a breath taking trail for the views and the danger involved. Several people have fallen to their death and many others have been hospitalized. This trail in winter conditions is not for the beginner hiker.

Here are some pictures from the hike in late February of 2016

Brian Holt hking

Hiking to the Ice House Saddle and past was instantly challenging and went from a defined trail to nothing and we had to cut the foot holes into the icy slope to continue.

Ice House canyon

As you can see there has been the thaw and freeze repeatedly and making the ground a solid slate of ice for most parts. But continuing on we were able to get to the ridge on Mount Big Horn and we decided to turn back since we are spending more time digging and not hiking.

ice house canyon

Check out the video here to see the views and struggles we faced. Be safe out there if you hike this trail.

Here is another video from the same trail but later in the spring and a more pleasant hiking experience. The trail is a very beautiful trail later on in the year but since most of the trails are in the shadows the snow and ice takes a much longer time to melt, hence the name I think.
Here are some more pictures from the hike.

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Written by Brian Holt