Desert Fox Airsoft has been in the Arisoft scene for several years and it is getting a big boost in 2018! We at Team Blasksheep have been to the local Socal field many times long ago in the prime days long before the social media and exporting of personalites was popular. What is changing now you might ask? The revamp of the field and setting the standard for the Airsoft scene. Now most players think this will only stick to this location but California is the leader and all the other states follow by example.
desert fox airsoft game
The Airsoft rifles will be broken into groups and givien certain properties. At first players might get upset about “semi-auto” other limititations but they will have to think about the bigger picture. These rules will greatly reduce cheating when it comes to rifle tampering and greatly encourage teamwork and squads on the field. There is no point of having a SAW gunner role when an M4 Stubby has a higher rate of fire. All Airsofters play video games and understand how the weapon classes work and this makes sense and it will sweep the nation for a GOOD Change in Airsoft.
Able to find all the rifle class rules on the website:
airsoft phone app desert fox
What else can make the 2018 Airsoft Game better? A phone app to follow along in game and off the field. This will be bridging the gap between the video game HUD and the Airsoft field. This is a new and developing aspect coming to the field and being an exclusive perk at the Desert Fox Airsoft Events. Check out the recent video going over the the Blue Fox Tracker:

Now that the location is set with clear rules that encourage squad play and teamwork along with an additional tech option to track your squad the game is good now. How can this get even better? Well on a recent blog about The Future of Airsoft: Good or Bad; it was pointed out that there is not a place for new players to know about and the big stores might not focus on the field but only the ‘sale’. This first game of 2018 or Re-Grand Opening will be sponsored and supported by Evike, Airsoft GI and Elite Force which are the biggest int he industry. More games and attention about what is going here and spreading the news and hype throughout the nation and making Airsoft better. We already dubbed 2018 the year of the G3 Rifle which would be great at the Desert Fox Airsoft Events and this revamp of the field will make it even better for Airsofters everywhere.

Getting started to play Airsoft and your first time? Check out this video from Jet the Desert Fox talking about the Milsim West games and his that are great for the new and even seasoned Airsoft Players. The Milsim West events are the best out there but the most challenging, check out our video Living in the Field for Milsim West to see the far end of the spectrium which every Airsoft Players wants to achieve and attend.

Now that you see how this is going to be an awesome place to go and play there is the first game here on Jan 12th called Battle for Los Angeles and make sure you are following Jet and the Desert Fox Airsoft Events page on Facebook to keep up to date on events.

Written by Brian Holt