Didn’t get in trouble but was sent to the Daug House to get some of their tasty food! Going big when it comes to the portions and flavors when it comes ingredients for each meal. Seating is inside or outside on the patio to see the busy boardwalk or the TVs.

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Dog Haus BiergartenYelp – 93 E Green St Pasadena, CA 91105

dog haus foodie review

Christina ordered the Mule which is a big burger topped with an egg and a side of crispy tater tots covered in liquid gold called cheese!
dog haus hot dog pasadena
I got the Old Town Dog which is a bacon wrapped dog and topped with grilled onions, peppers and jalapeño and sauce. Great big hot dog and veggies and all served on toasted Hawaiian bread to give each bite a sweet and spicy mix which is really good!
bacon hot dog pasadena
Check out the cross cut of the Old Town Dog showing the magic they serve up here! If you are in the neighborhood or looking for a great place to eat check them out and I have seen another place in Corona so there must be me with these yummy eats!

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Written by Brian Holt