Dominator™ DM870 Airsoft Shotgun is one of most realistic shell ejected airsoft shotgun in the market. The shotgun itself can be operated and field-stripped like the real one. Featuring a complete set of steel components including the CNC-machined shotgun receiver, outer barrel, bolt carrier assembly, and trigger group, it is builtto be rock-solid and reliable. Sawed-Off shotgun is a classic and famous setting not only in movies but also real-life! For today, we, Dominator™, are going to bring the most classic shotgun to the market.

First time to hear about Dominator™ DM870 Airsoft Shotgun?

The Dominator™ DM870 has been engineered from the ground up to be the most realistic shell-ejecting airsoft shotgun ever manufactured.
Dominator™ has refined decades of firearms and airsoft manufacturing experience into the DM870. Every metal component in this shotgun is manufactured out of steel, including the CNC steel receiver, magazine tube, barrel, trigger group, and bolt assembly among many other components.
For now, Dominator™ DM870 Sawed-Off Airsoft Shotgun will surely bring back the classic back to life. Not only in movies but also in real-life, sawed-off shotgun is one of the most used model in world. Today, it is in front of you right now!
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Real Wood Furniture

The forend and the pistol grip are both made of real wood. They are sanded to provide smooth finish and one of the most comfortable gripping surface on hands. Once you go for wood furniture, you will never go back!

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Classic Sawed-Off

In real life, a sawed-off shotgun is made by sawing the wood stock to be a small pistol grip and also cutting the barrel to make it shorter. That’s why it is called “Sawed-Off”. This compact configuration can let the shooter maneuvers more easily while carrying a shotgun.

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As Real As It Gets

Designed to be a realistic combat training shotgun, the Dominator™ DM870 Airsoft Shotgun field strips just like the real-steel, and is built rock-solid and reliable. Weight, manufacturing processes, and materials have all been carefully considered to provide you with the ultimate shell-ejecting airsoft shotgun.


Shell Capacity: 3 Rounds Per Shell
Shell Type: Top Gas Shotgun Shells
Bore Size: 6.04mm Precision Inner Barrel
Box Length: 906mm
Box Width: 215mm
Box Height: 75mm
Shotgun Length: 620mm
Muzzle Velocity Per Projectile: ~300 FPS
Firing Modes: Safe/Fire
System: Gas/Pump-Action
Hopup: No Hopup
Materials: Steel, FRP (Fibre-reinforced polymer)

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