Sunday morning and it is nice a cool outside and perfect for a hike. We decided for a shorter hike and Eaton Canyon was chosen. Eaton Canyon is located in the city of Pasadena at 1750 N Altadena Dr, Pasadena, CA 91107. There is a nice sized parking lot and even restrooms nearby. Having the restrooms available allow more people to leave the mall and actually hike since they don’t feel like they are in the middle of nowhere.

Brian Holt hiking

After a short walk on a wide dirt path with some uneven rocks that is above the riverbed we dropped down into the shaded river area. There was a small creek with water in October. More shade and rocks to climb over or to go around.

eaton canyon

Since we started the hike early there was some cloud coverage and a hint of fog in the trees keeping it much cooler than when we first started the hike. The trail will be wide open as you can see but in the spring time you will have to hop on the rocks to keep your feet dry.

hiking lizard

The best part about a hike is being able to take your time and appreciate the little things. I was able to find this little Fence Lizard sunning on a rock until I got too close. Just out of reach but I was able to snap a picture.

voodoo tactical srtp

I get asked a lot about the pack I use while on the trail since it does not look like something you normally see on the trails or in REI. The pack I use for 95% of my hikes is the Voodoo Tactical SRTP. With the metal back support and the molle on the outside I can attach and carry just about anything on the trail. Check out my One Year Recap Review of the pack in a video of mine. The survival knife I have attached belt of the pack is my Benchmade Adamas

eaton canyon waterfall

Making it to the falls is a reward with plenty of shade and rocks to sit an admire the beauty of mother nature. The waterfall is small during a dry season but in the winter months it will be raging. The pool is about knee deep and nobody is swimming in it like some other trails nearby.

eaton canyon waterfall

Another hiker brought his two dogs up and let them play fetch in the water to cool them off. These well-trained dogs had a blast in the water and entertained us all while we sat on the nearby rocks. Dogs are allowed on the trail if they are leashed.
Overall this is a great hike if you are just getting into the hiking scene and want to do a fun and short trail and you could even do a picnic if you like. Hike this trail if you are nearby and bring some friends.

Written by Brian Holt