The Echo1 Igor or VSS is Russian based rifle that is widely popular due to video games but otherwise would be seen as an ugly rifle. The rifle is very cool on how it works and what it does but looks bad like most Russian weapons, not easy on the eyes or targets but reliable.

(click on the picture for the video)

The Echo1 Igor was a super hot topic from the forum and airsoft elitist for some odd reason since it looks off spec. An airsoft AEG is never on spec to the real rifle but the experts know what is up while the other versions from other companies are actually worse from design and player comfort of use. Check out the Echo1 Tech Support video to see the internals. The great thing is the outer barrel protects the brass inner barrel keeping the  parts safe for use while the other brands have the bare barrel getting hit from the lipo battery during use. Plus the standardized parts are a plus while the cost is down.

The rifle is great none the less and after all this is Airsoft and we are supposed to have fun and not fight over little things. Us airsoft players should be happy for this rifle and the other similar rifles on the market instead of geting stuck with just one rifle like back in the day. We had fun shooting the video.

We were at Insight Interactive for the video shoot and review. The Echo1 CAP is going to be an awesome CO2 pistol and the Team DMR rifle is super fun to use! For popper targets or noobs on the field.

Written by Brian Holt