The Echo1 RDP is a great little CQB AEG but it does not have a stock. Why would you need a stock for a small CQB platform? Why not, that is why. With the stock you can route the battery and or MOSFET to the rear of the rifle and customize it more!

RDP stock adaptor

The SilentShot RDP Stock Adapter allows the Echo 1 RDP to accept standard M4 Aeg buffer tubes without the need for permanent modification to the replica itself. In addition to the added stability that a stock provides this adapter also allows the user to wire the replica to the rear for use with buffer tube/crane stock style batteries. If a mosfet is to be used it can be placed inside the buffer tube or within the adapter itself (Mosfet size and wiring dependent). With its solid construction and additional features the SilentShot RDP Stock Adapter will greatly enhance the capabilities of your Echo 1 RDP.
Cost $34.99
Worth: You need it!
Check out this video from Andrew to learn more abut it and get yours today here:
SilentShot Echo1 RDP Stock Adapter

Picture and video provided by Airsoft Team Kilo23

Written by Brian Holt