Echo1USA was present at Op Black Shield on Sunday the last day of the event. Lets take a look at what was on display.

AK700 M14 EBR

The custom painted Rifle Dynamics AK700 was keeping the new Combat Master company. The Combat Master is the newest modern M14 on the market. With the MK1 suppressor, Magpul stock and sweet scope with bipod the rifle pulled off the ‘omg’ look and the DMR role is just begging for some targets. The base rifle is about 9 lbs and a solid frame to keep the accuracy very precise.

echo1 ak

There is a wide variety of AK’s in the Echo1USA lineup. The Genesis OCW is a tactical rifle that is made out of solid polymer construction on the outside. The FLEA likes his and will finishing up his review very soon so you can get his take on it. The VSS or IGOR is sporting a scope to give you that Russian feel without breaking the bank. Check out our video review of the RedStar IGOR.

echo1 psr vsr-10

The soon to be released Echo1 PSR is a new bolt action rifle clocking in around 500 fps. Removing the polymer frame you can see the VSR-10 trigger group and other parts. I compared one with a legit VSR-10 from a fellow player for a side by side and they seem the same in the trigger group and cylinder length. Upgrade city here I come!

Czech ZB30 airsoft

Bringing out the big guns with the ZB30! The ZB30 is an odd looking but really cool WWII support machine gun. Check out our review of the ZB30 with the M1918 BAR. The rifle is solid and a top feeding rifle. Made for the WWII players mostly.

E&L AK 105

Under the Echo1USA tent was the E&L Airsoft AK  to get some sun and fun in the dirt. This rifle can take a beating since it is the strongest airsoft AK on the market. Being made out of ALL steel you can literally beat the competition into the dirt. This rifle was thrown around and abused to show how well it holds up. We just finished a parts review blog on the E&L AK74N to show why it is the best all steel airsoft AK on the market.

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