The Echo1USA Troy Industries MRF-C, what a beautiful gun. I’m getting the chance to review this, but I figured it’d be a good idea to talk about my initial thoughts on this rifle. In the box you’re getting the Troy MRF-C, 300 round high cap magazine, 8.4v peq battery and charger, and a fore-grip to mount on the beautiful Troy-Industries quad rail on the front.

Echo1 Troy MRF-CEcho1USA troy MRF-C ris Echo1 Troy MRF-C airsoftEcho1 Troy MRF-C battle Axe stock

The Echo1 Troy MRF-C receiver, both upper and lower is made of polymer which may turn some people off immediately, but I can assure you while holding it there is no sign of weakness. This is obviously made with an incredibly strong compound. Along with the full metal quad rail in the front you’re also getting the Troy Battle Axe stock which normally retails for $105 brand new, and a Troy Industries trigger guard, an extended mag release, and metal front and rear flip-up sights, and for this entire package you’re paying $205. Just by holding this gun I knew I had a high quality airsoft gun.

Echo1 Troy MRF-C reivew

Now on for the accuracy test. I was using Echo1 .25 gram BB’s and was shooting at a head-size target 50 feet away. These tests were done on a slightly windy day, so results may vary, but at this distance I consistently got groupings of 4 to 4 1/2 inches. For the full review I intend going more in-depth with accuracy tests, as well as making sure to consistent data on fps and rps. I’m personally impressed with this, as this gun has not been modified.

Echo1 Troy MRF-C battle axe stock picEcho1 Troy MRF-C trigger guard

Check out the video review of the Troy MRF-C Gen2 here.

Overall, I am really happy with the Echo1 Troy MRF-C Gen.2 rifle. The Troy Industries trigger guard is the perfect size for those of you who like to wear gloves. The stock mounts nicely on the shoulder, and out of the box the gun performs great. I recently did an 45lb unboxing video and you can find that on our team Youtube channel Team BLACKSHEEP762 for some quick looks at the video but stay tuned for the complete video review after some field time with the Echo1 Troy MRF-C. If you are looking to buy this rifle, please check it out on the Echo1Shop under Troy Industries Polymer MRF-C Gen. 2