The company E&L Airsoft has been around for a while and earned the title as the “Best AK Maker”. With this accomplishment, they decided to try the M4 market and continue the Milsim theme and release the favorite MK18 rifle.

E&L Airsoft MK18 review

The new E&L Mk18 will be built just as tough and reliable as their AK’s and this video will show you all the parts inside. The hop up unit will be just like an upgraded metal chamber that will be already installed in the MK18 making it ready for the field mission out of the box.

E&L Airsoft MK18 review

The E&L MK18 will boast a “Quick Change Spring System” which will be easy to use and much faster than the Krytac system. The E&L MK18 will have some new features like the buffer tube to make the rifle more realistic than the others on the field.

E&L Airsoft MK18 review

What makes this video review better than the rest is the steps to open and close the MK18 to give the viewer a complete understanding of the E&L MK18 and how to work on it in case they want to upgrade and repair the rifle later on. The E&L MK18 has a tricky selector which is like the VFC Ambi selector but not using a right side lever.

The video will cover all the parts of the E&L MK18 for what is inside the gearbox and all the steps to take the rifle apart and put it all back together again.

In cased you missed our last video on the E&L Mk18 here it is. This was filmed at SHOTShow and giving a brief overview of the rifle.

Written by Brian Holt