Warrior Works
Published on Aug 22, 2018
“The Elite Force/Umarex Gen 4 G17 is a hot steaming pile of trash if you expect it to be a legitimate training tool. Watch this quick video to find out why.
I contacted the manufacturer and the Customer Service Rep. had something like this to say, “Yeah, we’ve had a lot of reports of it not fitting Glock holsters. It will fit some of the generic nylon ones though. Some of us are trying to get the Quality Department to do something about it but there’s no plan as of now and I don’t know if there will be since we just released this version.” I asked him if the G19 version had the same issues and he said, “We don’t seem to get as many complaints about that one” for whatever it’s worth.
I have had other training Airsoft guns, namely the Tokyo Mauri XDm and it was freaking awesome… Perfect manual of arms, superior quality fit/finish/feel and it has perfect dimensions/worked in all my XD holsters. Airsoft CAN BE a legit training aid, and it’s one that I recommend, but this G17 product is sub-par in quality/design and not cutout for the task as a true training tool. Buyer beware.”
Elite force airsoft glock
What does this mean for the regular Airsoft players? The Elite Force Glock will be just fine for the players and wide range of holsters and kydex that most stores make and offer in house. It might be off spec per say but even in the firearms industry there are parts that do not fit together. Watch the video and see for yourself.

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