Airsoft head and face gear is a must now days. The gear has to serve a purpose and still look cool. This is were the Emerson Gear PJ helmet and the G4 System comes into play.

team blacksheep airsoft

As you can see the new EmersonGear G4 system will give complete face and head protection that is very important for the game of Airsoft. Since there are many types of Airsofters from regular playing to full on Milsim West type players this G4 system will have a use for all players and the colors to match their current loadout.

team blacksheep airsoft

What about my earpro? With the new EmersonGear G4 you can still use the earpro to keep in touch with your teammates. What if you don’t have a radio and com set but you still want to have your ears covered? This system will have them covered; you heard right, the G4 will have the low profile mesh cover over the ear area for the added protection. As of late the Ear Protection Covers are required at Hollywood Sports and SC Village and this is the helmet you will need!
team blacksheep airsoft
What is the mask all about? The EmersonGear G4 Systems face mask is made out of a flexible and low profile steel mesh. The other 2part system with a mesh mash is never a solid solution and there is always a need to fix and adjust it. With the G4 the face mask and full protection is always in the correct spot everytime! With the easy to use button near the ears you can remove the face mask with ease after the game.
team blacksheep airsoft

The face protection will have everything the Airsoft player will need. Crystal clear lens that are impact resistant and with proper ventilation along the sides to prevent fogging. For added protection or the use of shaded or tinted lens the user can still wear shooting or prescription glasses underneath since there is room. The face mesh is made out of steel so it will be light weight and able to be bent or molded to better fit each face if needed. For the idea of shouldering a rifle you still can once the mesh is molded to your liking or with the use of a red dot riser the sights and shooters eyes will be lined up with no modding.
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This EmersonGear G4 Systems helmet is a great deal and you can find it for the $100 range which is a great when you factor in the costs of the eye, ear and face protection that you would buy separately with a new helmet. Check out the EmersonGear G4 video to learn some of the finer details or buy it now off their website.

Written by Brian Holt