Social media giant is reaching out even more on “non Airsoft” pages.
Why would do that?
Well with the recent algorithms on the Facebook and Instagram sites, companies have to do more or pay to get the same reach as before. It is not fair but the social media monopoly does it and many cave in. Looking back at they have always been leading the way when it comes to social media and interacting with the fans and making them customers as well.
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Now days the direct link in a post caused the Facebook posting to be limited to the audience so a follow up posting as a comment is needed and that cannot be automated. All this work and is not giving up.
What is doing?
They are reaching out to several other “gun” pages on Instagram and having videos shared to get triple the amount of views and awareness to their brand. This might cost a lot but it is the only option as of now.
airsoft evike instagram
airsoft evike instagram
All these channels showcase the video which stands out and a small percentage of viewers will transfer over.
Does this help the Airsoft community?
Yes and no, the gun/firearm community does not particularly like the “Airsoft community “ since they are kids and unsafe at the range. But many Airsofters have gone from Airsoft to firearms as they get older so they are on the side of the Airsofters still to a degree. The more people getting into the sport or hobby of Airsoft the better at the end of the day.
But they are just going to buy from and not their local store.
These new people might just do that or search online after interested and find a local store and or field near their place and go to see in person and get started that way. So in conclusion is still the bigger store in the industry and some may not like them for that but they are helping grow the sport and community as a whole and we can all thank them for that.

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Written by Brian Holt