The biggest and best Airsoft store is talked about but is that the case with Many players say it is the best since it has the biggest store showroom in California that is on the same scale as a grocery store!
airsoft store evike
Now what really makes an Airsoft store the best? Does the store have a wide selection, a test range, field to play on or multiple locations and most importantly customer service? Looking at they have the biggest selection when you look online and in google searches, in the recent Sniper Rifle blog all the parts mentioned could be found on their website and other online stores only had a few but not a complete set for easy purchase.
A test range for Airsoft does not really determine and guarantee a sale for the store but it allows the customer to feel good about their purchase and that is main goal and why Evike along with countless other stores have an indoor shooting or test range.
If Evike is the best boasted by many how can that be when they only have one retail location? If you look at other Airsoft stores like Airsoft GI which has a California, Texas and Virgina location and another store that comes to mind in VIP Airsoft that has two store fronts in Arizona. Now the more walk in stores are better for creating jobs and positive customer interactions and much better service. This in turn creates more players and the “NEED” the industry is lacking.
This topic of the “need” was covered in my recent blog about the future of the industry and how it can be improved.
Now as for customer service the Airsoft industry is a very special case as anybody working in retail knows how people can be upset easily but in the world of Airsoft the triggers are much less and the effort to smear is ten folds stronger than other industries! So there are people that truly hate Evike along with other stores and on the flip side some love Evike and some stores too. It just comes down to the people an an interaction or two.
Evike has the biggest and best selection but they are lacking in one area when compared to the other stores around the USA, a field of their own. All the stores with a field attached are doing great since they are able to bring in new players and show them a friendly and fun place to play. Some of the most popular places that come to mind would be SS Airsoft, Airsoft Tactical, Miami Airsoft, Tac City, VIP Airsoft, Strike Force Sports and many more. Now Evike does not have a field but they do host events and participate in many events across the county like Bad Blood and Milsim West events.

Fields cost money and seems to be using their surplus funds to start their EMG brand line which is growing at an exponential rate. The EMG brand is replacing the other house brands or with a tarnished name from reviews or mindset in the industry and starting fresh, more than a rebrand but a redesign and new products with licensing. Along with this new brand from Evike they are getting more press than from the normal Airsoft bubble.
evike is the best

The Firearm Blog did a brief SHOTShow 2018 blog/review about the and EMG booth which is a big move to bring the Airsoft Industry into the light a little more. Majority of firearm hobbyists and users frown on Airsofters since it is a toy like paintball in their eyes but a well know publication will maybe sway some people.

Wholesale and Kiosks for Evike has been selling their house brand of internal parts and gear under “Matrix” and even other retail stores will order the parts. All the stores are competing for the business but buying from your competitor to please your customer is a good and bad thing and in the end Evike is winning. Along with them selling parts and product from their store in a wholesale aspect they have a test kiosk setup in High Ground Airsoft. In the store the players get reward points to use in High Ground but they are still buying from Evike. Some stores are upset and keep away from supporting their competitor but in the long run the profits lead to promotions at events that Evike holds and gives back to the Airsoft Community which is probably more than what the other retailers do.

Looking for a Krytac rifle? Well you have to order it from Evike if you are a store. Yes Evike is the sole distrubitor in the US for the Krytac products. Read the full article here: Is Krytac soon to be Calamari?
The “best” in the Airsoft Industry maybe but the year is still young and nobody really knows what is in store. Evike is working closely with the Desert Fox Events, Airsoft Camp and Milsim West to support games for the players across the USA and maybe that is what they will keep on doing.
What is your thought on Evike and how they growing and taking over?

Written by Brian Holt