Many of us will go to a game and play and have fun but then think “man if I only was able to shoot more bbs at that guy I would have won” well the “upgrade bug” in airsoft will get us all an it must be taken care of. Many people will drop a ton of money into their gun with great results while others wish they could do that; college players know what that is like. Sometimes the best way is to slowly upgrade the parts as you go to save money and to see what you really need.

The first things we recommend for the serous player would be deans plugs and a lipo. The deans plugs allow for better power flow and prevent any melting that the standard tamiya plug might have happen. The lipo battery is a hot topic since many say they cause the gun to explode from the power but this is not true.  Check out this video we got at I.T.S. of a cheap tester lipo catching fire. The lipo if a 11.1v is just more power going to your AEG and if you have a fuse in the system you should be fine IF something happens. These are not really ‘upgrades’ but help increase reliability and reduce weight. The Echo1 Lipo #2 will be the same output as the one used in the video.

For the fastest upgrade of your AEG you need to just install an Echo1 MAX Speed Motor. It will basically super power your AEG and boost the BPS or BB per second by 10 or more. Using a VFC MK18 for the base gun as a team rifle and it needs a little tuning.

Echo1 MAX Speed Motor

The Echo1 MAX Speed motor is very easy to install as shown in the video below. Plug it in and go to town with more bbs down range and more smiles on your face and without breaking the bank!

Echo1 MAX Speed motor

Check out the results. The stock VFC MK18 bps is around 20 or so with the lipo and then with the new Echo1 MAX Speed motor it jumps up to 32 or so bps and a garden hose of bbs! If you have another AEG and want to get an motor make sure you check out the MAX motors by Echo1USA and you can get the speed setup for your AK’s and G36’s as well!

Click on the picture below to watch the video! And thanks for reading!

echo1 max speed motor