Favorite Accessories for Shooting – Our Top Recommendations
Shooting can be fun the more thought and preparation you put in before a session.
Simply put, the more you prepare your accessories, the better your shooting can be –
thus, your experience will be a pleasant one.
But unless you’re very experienced or a professional, it’s hard to know which accessories
could help you achieve that. So, if you don’t know how to choose and what to choose,
this article may help you out, as we’re giving you some of our recommendations for
shooting accessories. Let’s see what would make your arsenal better!

Daniel Defense AR-15 Pistol Grip
This grip is a great alternative if you want something with a lower grip angle and one
that lets you align your index finger properly with the trigger. It allows you to maintain a
good hand position, so you feel no discomfort.
Also, this grip is good at adding a performance boost when you need it. Basically, the
product has a curved trigger guard that will allow you to access the trigger much easier,
thus shooting much better and quickly when you need to. The grip has a rubberized
texture too, so there’s no need to worry about your hand hurting while holding it, or not
being able to hold it securely.
So, if you want a grip that lets you maintain a natural hand position and allows you to
hold the gun comfortably, we recommend this Daniel Defense Grip.
Etymotic GunSport Pro Electronic Ear Plugs
These electronic earplugs will be amazing for you if you’re someone who shoots very
often, and you experience difficulty hearing what others say after a shooting session.
Let’s be real, the sound produced by your gun is not very pleasant. In fact, it’s quite loud
and disturbing. Normal earplugs don’t always do a great job at masking the sound,
because you can still hear the loud “BANG!” regardless.
Why not invest in a set of Etymonic GunSport Pro electronic earplugs, then? They are
more expensive than your typical earplugs, as they are around $300, but they’re worth
the money if you want effectiveness and something that lasts. Besides, it’s better to
spend some cash and shoot without having to deal with the earache that a shooting
session can give you. Also, it’s much better to wear these than over-the-ear muffs, since
they won’t be such an obstacle.

EOTech 3x Magnifier
If you have an AR, maybe you could use a magnifier. This EOTech 3x magnifier is not
the cheapest accessory you will find on the market, but it can come in handy.

We like this product so much thanks to the way it can be used. Basically, you can use the
red dot without requiring any magnification. As long as you flip it down out of the way,
you can use your Red Dot sight properly and effectively.
Also, flipping it up will allow you to extend the range as you wish, after which you can
lock it into place with a quick lock bar. Isn’t that amazing?

For whoever wants to learn to shoot at a longer range, this scope is the real deal. You
will have a nice and clear image through it thanks to the XR fully multi-coated lenses.
On top of that, it has built-in sunshade, so light is transmitted properly to give you the
clear image that you want to see.
It’s so fitting for long-range shooting because it also has a zoom eyepiece, as well as a
focus wheel. So, you can watch targets that are at a higher distance, and use focus to
clear the image and see properly. You can also move the collar as you want through the
twist-and-lock collar.
So, if you want to learn to shoot at a longer range, yet you’re not used to it, this scope is a
great way to get started. You should also know that it’s fog proof and waterproof.
Wiebad Pump Pillow
Isn’t it annoying when you want to shoot, yet you can’t aim properly because you don’t
have any support and feel uncomfortable? Why not consider the Wiebad pump pillow,
This shooting support was created in such a way that it reduces the strain you feel on
your muscles when trying to adjust your shot placement. It extends your reach and
allows you to fix your arm on your knee, for example, for extra stability.
The product is lightweight, but it’s still able to withstand pressure when you apply it. So,
no matter how weird your shooting position is, this Wiebad pump pillow is a great help
for any shooter.

Otis M4/M16 Soft Pack Cleaning System
You shouldn’t forget that guns need cleaning too, and you can’t clean them with what
you use to clean around the house. You need something special that won’t damage your
A cleaning system that we really appreciate is the Otis M4/M15 soft pack that is
portable, small and lightweight, so you can easily carry it with you whenever you go on a
shooting session.
It’s good to clean your firearms after you’re done using them, which is where the bore
snake in this pack can come in handy. You can take the debris out of the barrel by

pulling it with a cloth or brush. This way, debris won’t be pushed inside the weapon’s
chamber, something that often happens with normal cleaning rods.
Final Thoughts
The right accessories for your guns can greatly improve your shooting experience.
Things such as scopes, grips and cleaning systems will help you use the weapon properly
for a long time. Magnifiers can help you aim better at the target, while electronic
earplugs will prevent you from having to deal with the powerful sound of a gun.
Hopefully, you will love at least one of these accessories as much as we do and will
decide to give them a try. Your shooting may go places afterward.


Photos Cited: EOTech Daniel Defense Grip Otis Cleaning Kit


Written by Jay Chambers