Where do you go get a “good” bite to eat? Read reviews or go several times and judge for yourself? The answer is go yourself and spread the good news with others! When I find a good place I go back when ever I get a chance to support the place and to make me happy. Fish on Tap in Pasadena is an amazing place every time I have gone and I currently have the most Yelp check-ins too. There are a ton of places to choose within walking distance but this place is the best for the Happy Hour, Food, Prices and Atmosphere.
Find Fish on Tap at 43 E Colorado Blvd Pasadena, CA 91105
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Fish on Tap is open during regular business hours for brunch, lunch and dinner but the best time is the happy hour for the plump $1 oysters that keeps us coming back! There is street parking or a nearby structure if needed and walking to and from is the best way to prevent that #foodcoma.
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Two dozen oysters please and glasses of wine to get started. Fast service as they prepare and shuck the oysters in their sushi bar. There are several options for the oysters but the regular are just fine.
fresh oysters
The oysters are served on ice and with horse radish, cocktail sauce, mignonette and hot sauce. How ever you like it you can make it happen and love every oyster. In case you go through the oysters at a fast rate they do have a rack to deliver 72 oysters to your table. We have done that and it took some time to finish it.

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After getting some oysters for starters lets look at the menu and see what they have. A full menu for the day but this is the only time I care about the Happy Hour. Check it out and see why, a large selection of great food to eat. Across the street are several bars so this would make for a great place for dinner before going out or even a date night.
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The Spicy Tuna Nachos are a great tasting bite, just like their sushi this will be the same spicy tuna but served with crispy chips. Interesting design and flavors and I have not seen anything really like it on my other foodie adventures but it is on the list of usual items to get.
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This isn’t your regular burger here, this is a Soft Shell Crab Slider. It may sound different but you have to try it! There is not a crunchy shell like you find on a shrimp since it is deep fried and ready to eat. The sliders are served two per order and come with fresh greens and a slice of tomato to help balance the flavors and use that acid to the fullest. I am not a huge fan of tomatoes but this tastes great and I love it.
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As you can see it really is a crab and it is cut in half for each order. So crunchy and full of flavor you cannot go wrong with this order. Being that it is a slider you can have one or two and be satisfied or try other menu items.
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The other items we have tried and liked as well but these pictures were from just the last visit and had to share this great place. From the sushi selection to the pasta and chowder you cannot go wrong here for flavors and the price.
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In the rear of the restaurant there will be the sushi bar with seating if you choose to sit and watch the masters at work. There are few different places and ‘feels’ inside the Fish on Tap when it comes to seating. There is booth seating, at the sushi or wine bar in stools or regular dinning tables in the middle.
bottle lights
Even though the plates are visually stunning the walls and ceiling have artistic pieces to enjoy and look at. This is one of there hanging lights which is made out of liquor bottles. You will have to stop by and see the other art pieces for yourself.
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Written by Brian Holt