The world of Airsoft is always growing and getting ‘new’ items from all kind of places and companies. The players always want to make the same kit as this or that unit or to fulfill a certain role based on a real military unit. The grenade realm in Airsoft from Airsoft Companies has been lacking and not bringing much ‘bang’!
airsoft m12 flashbang device
IWA International Inc has the solution for the Airsoft Community!
IWA International Inc has released a civilian use M12 Flashbang Device and their website clearly listing “The use of this product is intended for military / police / training / paintball & airsoft use.”
Product Description
1. Safety Distance – 5 Meters
2. Fuse burn Time – 2.5 Seconds (+/-0.5sec)
3. Smoke emission time – N/A
4. Sound level (db) – Single bang at 15 meters – Maximum 124db
5. Output – Light smoke
6. Product motion from test point – See Fragment zone
7. Fragment zone – Maximum 5 meters
8. Destruction – Cardboard disc maybe blown from tube
9. Safety Equipment – Please refer to Product MSDS & User instruction
10. Product dimensions – Height 121mm Width 44mm
The use of this product is intended for military / police / training / paintball & airsoft use.
Retail price of the IWA International Inc M12 Flashbang is $29.99
airsoft m12 flashbang device
The reason why this is a legal for civilian use product is the testing and approval and the decibel rating of 124 db which is much lower than the 170-180 db rating for a military grade flashbang device.
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Will we see these in the upcoming Milsim West games?
These might make their way into the Airsoft Community and Milsim West events since they are the most realistic and cutting edge Airsoft events but this all comes down to the event hosts and the fields. The pricing for the M12 flashbang is great and the demand is there but it still needs to be tested by the Airsoft Community. Recently a new 40 Mike BB Grenade was released and instantly banned by most fields but that is another topic…

Written by Brian Holt