Fox Airsoft in Parker, Colorado is offering a great deal on a mystery box! These limited time offer mystery boxes are focused for the Airsoft Techs to help them rebuild or upgrade their rifles or sell/trade the parts they might not need and still make a profit in the long run!
We are big fans of Airsoft Mystery Boxes! (videos from past ones linked on the bottom of the page)
Here is a box I got from them and lets see what $100 got me!
team blacksheep airsoft blog
The cardboard box was simple and showed up pretty quickly to my door step and I was able to get tracking in an emaail, super easy and they cared about my purchase experience.
team blacksheep airsoft blog
The packaging was on the lite side and parts were able to rattle a tad but no damage was seen so I am all good here. I have seen other stores send boxes and a lack of packaging and it reminds me of the Chinese space station coming back to Earth..
team blacksheep airsoft blog
The good news is I have the parts and several but the bad news is that there is not an Airsoft gun. I think a complete or partial Airsoft gun is a waste when a few of these parts can completely fix or upgrade a rifle to ‘resale’ and buy a new gun later on. I would rather have 5 new parts than 1 gun since the resale and trade value is much higher.
But if you are looking for a FREE Airsoft Gun then you better act now and sign up here:

Fox Airsoft Gun Giveaway

fox airsoft gun giveaway
The Classic Army VCW is a solid performer out of the box. This gun has alot of fire power packed into a small package. We’re giving this gun away for free to one lucky winner! If you’re looking for an airsoft rifle to dominate the field with, make sure not to miss this giveaway! We will be announcing the winner via email on February 27th, 2017!
Brian Holt Team Blacksheep Airsoft
team blacksheep airsoft blog
The first parts I pull out are the two pack of Classic Army Grease sets and the Fox Custom AK hop up unit that looks like a Lonex design. The pistol mag I find seems to be for the Gemtech Oasis which is a non blow back.
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Now I have a new Tappet Plate, Aluminum Cylinder head with the double O-Rings for a perfect seal and high FPS builds and to spin this Fox Airsoft Mystery Box in my favor an SHS AK or Short Speed Motor.

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The ICS AEG Spring is a M90 so it is for a CQB and under 350 FPS rating for most rifles when installed and if I don’t have a need for this I could flip it for a quick $20 for install of a player that needs a CQB ready rifle. The Airsoft oil is cool and will last me a long time but nothing too special. But what is special is the MadBull Crawler barrel that is included! This barrel will drop the AEG’s FPS by 40 or 50 allowing for field gun to be changed out really quick for a CQB game. This reminds me of my custom RedStar BOLT I built using a 400FPS setup but this barrel to make it fast and loud but still under the limit.
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team blacksheep airsoft blog
Looking at all these parts that I paid a $100 for I am happy with them and know I got a great deal, mystery yes but great over all.
Prices of the items in the box:
Airsoft Oil $8(3pack online)
Grease set $4.99
AK Hop Up $29.99
Gas Mag $15?
Tappet Plate $9.99
Cylinder Head $14.99
SHS Motor $39.99
ICS Spring $14.99
MadBull Crawler $40
Total Sticker Value: $174.94~
This is a great deal that I scored but it is a mystery and the boxes will be different and vary in value but you will not get stiffed on this deal I bet.
Order direct and get your Fox Airsoft Tech Mystery Box today and share this with your friends or pool your money together as a team and get several boxes at once.

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Written by Brian Holt