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The GBB Central bundle for the grip have the needed instructions and decals. The Silver HiCapa was a springer pistol that was provided for the demo. The springer is not true to spec for the TM GBB but it still serves the point for the demo. There were several colors to choose from and I picked the blue option.
team blacksheep airsoft blog review
The grip is going to be laser cut to be perfect and exact every time for the customers. The texture on this will be intense and make it perfect for any airsoft pistol or even a firearm.
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Easy to pop the parts out and get ready for the install which takes no time at all. Some what flexible and able to be stretched to fit right to the edges of the pistol grip frame.
Don’t worry if you get it wrong or at an angle since the super sticky adhesive will work just fine for three uses so you can get it right or switch to another pistol later on which is a great thing.
made in the USA
Fast and easy installation of the textured laser cut grip. No prepping or sanding. Just make sure the surface is dry and clean and apply. I made a slight mistake and redid it and total time was 3 minutes of my time. This is much faster than a day long process to stipple the grip which can destroy the product.
Big fan of this for the cost, performance and ease of use!
team blacksheep airsoft review
Not an issue as mentioned earlier since this is a springer pistol for a demonstration only but the off spec is minor. To fix this you would just have to stretch the grip out a little more. This will not be an issue with the standardized Tokyo Marui HiCapa pistols and the WE versions that are interchangeable.
gbb central pistol grip review
For another look at this grip and all the other angles I shot a quick video for some close up shots, go aead the click the video link below.

Purchase this GBB Custom Hicapa grip or others check out their website here:

GBB Central Hicapa Shooter Ready Grip

Written by Brian Holt