The gearbox can be a fun project to build and work or a nightmare that will turn players off from wanting to be creative and save money. The issue is that the gearbox “explodes” in parts or can’t be put back together so they have to take it to a local shop and pay more for it to be assembled. If there was only an easier way to work on the gearboxes and put them back together..
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Taking the gearbox is easy, just don’t lose the parts but putting it back together is the hard part. Parts will not stay in place and that is where the Airtech Studios GIK comes into play. The most hated part in the gearbox is the anti-reversal latch and the little bleeping spring that keeps on jumping out of place.
airtech studios gearbox installation kit
With the Airtech Studios Gearbox Installation Kit (GIK) the anti-reversal latch is held in place while the piston and other parts installed for final inspection and the shell is closed. The clip is able to be sandwiched by the gearbox shell and then pulled out leaving the part in place. Ok, cool but the trigger keeps on popping out of place for me and it is driving me crazy. Don’t worry Airtech Studios has you covered!
airtech studios gearbox installation kit
The trigger can have the same problems of not staying place. Using this clips it makes it easy to put the gearbox back together. I show and explain how to do it in my Gearbox Tech Videos but it still can be hard and this easy to use product will save you time and headaches in the long run.
airtech studios gearbox installation kit
Purchase the Airtech Studios Gearbox Installation Kit for under $20

Written by Brian Holt