brian holt hiking

Hitting the local trail in the morning. Wearing the VooDoo SRTP as mentioned in the blog section above. The trail is a simple walk and then gets more rugged and more options to use the Tomahawk. I made a good call and attaching the Gerber on the belt section. I’m able to access it with one hand and it does not get in my way when walking.


Had to take a picture of the pack. Have a jacket on the side and secured while having the food and water inside. Great compact pack with room inside and out for what ever I need to it do.

water fall

Made it to one of the first of many waterfalls and the this is where the main public trail ends but there is a smaller less traveled trail that continues up stream. Had to test out the cutting edge on a nearby tree .

down range tomahawk

Swinging the Gerber Down Range is super light weight and was able to go deeper than I thought it would with very little effort. I really like how this is a light weight tomahawk. I don’t really notice it on my pack or in my hand when I was jungle clearing my way along the trail. A typical machete  would be ok but this Gerber is much better. I have the top flat section being able to push branches away from my and the  hook section to pull towards me if needed and not to mention the cutting edge for those pesky branches.


Time to make a walking stick. Simple and quick with three chops and done. You will want to be careful and not swing like a wild man on a tree or branch  since the object might move  and cause the tomahawk to bounce or go off course. Safety first everybody.


I was able to use the blade and form a spear head in a few passes. Full caveman status now but mostly to help steady myself on the slick rocks.

crow bar

I started to get hungry and found a large log and knew there would be grubs and other tasty bugs inside. The crowbar end of the handle make quick work of the log for plying open the log.

cliff bar

Well I didn’t find any grubs but that cliff bar in the pack came to mind. I kept the kydex sheath on the head while digging into the log. Able to do the job and be safe at the same time.


Able 3 hours into the hike and I’m loving the pack and how  I have the Tomahawk setup. Able to access with one  hand and able to secure back on the side with one hand too. I was thinking about making or having somebody make me a sheath combo on my pack to eliminate the unclip and then removal of the provided kydex sheath. Not sure but I will think about it some more.  I don’t really need the option for faster access but it could come in handy but I son’t want to worry about losing the Tomahawk since I have seen most ‘custom’ or homemade kydex fail and lose the weapon. Made it to the end of the trail and had lunch. Headed back to the main trail head.


I’m not taking the walking stick back with me so I decided to leave it and let other people know they can use it. I carved ‘FREE’ into and left it against the large tree with all the carvings in it.


Made it back to parking lot and I will give the Gerber Down Range Tomahawk a green light. I like it and would recommend it to other people. This is a great hiking combo I have so far and I will be adding more to it but so far this is great for the price and what they can do for you. Using it for just hiking it is great but the multiple uses and roles it has it will be great in any survival situation and combat as well. Get yours today and thank me later.